The Movement

Collective intelligence at the heart of OCP’s managerial dynamic

The industrial, commercial, and financial transformation experienced by OCP in recent years has been accompanied by a cultural transformation of the company aimed at enhancing one of our main competitive advantages: our human capital. 

That’s why a new dynamic, called “the Movement,” was launched. It invites every employee to unlock their potential and give free rein to their creativity. This gives them the necessary means and time to work on the topic of their choice, as long as they create value for OCP and get pleasure from leaving their comfort zone to innovate. The Movement has three major objectives: to make OCP a global company, a digital company and a company of learners. Since its launch in 2016, new managerial and organizational approaches, disruptive innovations, and a new mindset have already emerged and profoundly changed our way of thinking, being, and doing things.

The values of collective intelligence and collaborative work have since been adopted by employees, encouraging the emergence of several innovative, creative and proactive situations.


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