Innovation – R&D
Innovation is a major strategic driver that allows us to meet the challenges of our company’s new growth curve

At OCP, innovation is a key to achieving our growth objectives and encouraging the creativity of our employees. By innovating, we aim to meet these different challenges through:

Customization & diversification

a diversified product portfolio to meet farmers’ needs, address the agriculture and agri-food markets, and exploit new business opportunities.

Innovation - R&D
Une Supply Chain intégrée

an integrated supply chain and end-to-end optimization to increase flexibility and successfully shift from B2B to B2F.


an efficient production system that takes advantage of the value of digital technology and innovation.

Un système de production durable

<p>a sustainable production system that meets the company’s environmental excellence ambitions and those of the circular economy program.</p>


With this in mind, OCP Group has launched a new entity dedicated to innovation in the aim of uniting the company’s initiatives in this area. The entity is structured around a common ambition and centers on research at UM6P, an international university focusing on applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship that serves Africa.

Une entité entièrement dédié à l’innovation avec une approche systémique et communicationnelle de l'innovation

An entity entirely dedicated to innovation



To drive value creation by offering innovative solutions that are intimately related to the company’s challenges, by stimulating and uniting all stakeholders and by strengthening the innovation ecosystem in order to implement innovative solutions that respond to OCP’s strategic concerns.

Mission: Provide OCP with a structured innovation policy

Maîtrise d’ouvrage
Research & development project management
Identification et transfert
Identification and transfer of new solutions and innovative technologies
Renforcement des initiatives
Strengthening of initiatives for participatory innovation and idea generation from all OCP employees
Veille interne et externe
Internal and external intelligence on innovation, with the establishment of technology and M&A opportunity scouting and sourcing tools

Operations: agility, learning, and intrapreneurship

  • Privileged research partnership with UM6P
  • Agile operations
  • Value co-creation with internal and external clients in order to create innovative solutions that are aligned with the company’s concerns
  • Involvement in the innovation ecosystem through the identification and acceleration of strategic partnerships (companies, universities, research centers, etc.)
  • Openness, mobilization, and intrapreneurship aimed at value
  • Orientation around project portfolios with a phase-gate process approach to project management 
  • Participation of employees in a spontaneous manner or through business challenges
  • Free information sharing and transparency with respect to projects and project progress
  • Continuous learning through feedback and building on failure (fail fast, learn fast)
  • Rapid iteration and experimentation using short cycles (test and learn)

OCP innovation in numbers

projects distributed in a portfolio of 15 programs centered on 3 main strategic areas
areas of academic research within a research agenda with the UM6P
industrial partnerships in innovation and over 30 research centers and universities

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